Coffee Neapolitan Cake

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Our Tiramisu cake has alternate layers of Chocolate,Coffee and Vanilla sponge with Kahlua(optional). Filled with mascarpone in layers and iced with a combination of decadent chocolate ganache,coffee buttercream and kahlua flavoured cream.Doesnt it sound like a dream. This cake flavour is very close to our heart, we spent a lot of time on the flavour.We understood that coffee and chocolate make a great pairing but we wanted more.We wanted all the elements come together yet hold their distinct flavour patterns and we are happy that this cake flavour does that job effortlessly It is super yum, full of flavour and not to mention sinfully satisfying.

Contains Kahlua (Alcohol Liqueur)

We may check your ID for confirming the age. Minimum age :25


Enjoy a culinary masterpiece that can't be found anywhere else. Let the smooth sweetness of the mascarpone and the delightful layers of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla provide you with an indulgent and unique experience. It's time to treat yourself to something special - sip on a cup of kahlua-flavoured cream with a luxurious Tiramisu cake. #tiramisulove 😍