Fruit Creme Cake |Eggless|

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This is our take on the Classic Vanilla Fruit Cake.

We fill the layers of the cake with our secret sauce which is a combination of cream and cream cheese.

On top we add more fruits and some sprinkles to make it prettier.

This cake is light, its an overload of fresh fruits addition of fruit creme (our secret sauce)

This takes the cake to another level of deliciousness.

We use fresh fruits which are in season.

You will find a lot of mangoes, pineapple ,peaches during summers and a lot of strawberry and ballad of grapes during the winters.

This is one of the freshest cakes in the menu.


You can also opt for following combination of fruits: 

  • Mixed Fruit 
  • Mango Chantilly(seasonal)
  • Classic Pineapple Cake
  • Strawberry Chantilly (seasonal)
  • Mixed Berries