Plum Cake DIY Kit |Cake Mix|

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 Plum Cake DIY KIT*

When I was researching CAKE DIY KITS ,I found most kits to be generic and full of unwanted preservatives or additives plus most things required were to be procured separately.

So when I was designing my Plum Cake DIY Kit I was clear that it will be 👇🏼

Exactly the same Marshmadoh recipe ,

Will not have any funky added preservatives,

Box to bowl mix so that you can make the cake right out of the box,

All Natural,

Hand packed for u.

Did you Know ?

       We chop all the fruits and nuts for you.

So all you do is.......


Dump it ,

Cake it !



Make Plum Cake at home........

What Does the Kit contain : 

  • All ingredients (excluding eggs, Alcohol for soaking cake )
  • Two (2)Bake-stable 
  • Baking Instruction Card

What will it yield : 

It will yield approximately 650 grams of Cake

Price : Rs 950/-

PAN India Delivery available

*Kit will come packed in Mailer Boxes for outstation delivery 

*Cake needs to be prepared with eggs and is not an eggless variant.

*Contains Alcohol