Half Birthday Cake 1 kg

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We make all our cakes from scratch.

Our cakes are homemade and are made using the best ingredients available in the market.

We use the best fondant, our chocolate cakes use premium chocolates and all frostings are made from scratch.We avoid using store bought premixes or fillings.

We value our customers.We want our customers to be happy and smiling ,Always (ALWAYS) .

Every Cake is different as every customer is. We want to offer the best and the most memorable Cake and for that may we request you to give us a minimum 5 day notice.

As designer Cakes are very personal and are customer centric ,we may ask you a few questions.Do bare with us.

The Cake Price includes : 

  • Cake Flavour of our choice
  • Cake design 
  • Cake board design
  • Acrylic Topper or Fondant Toppers
  • Edible prints (if design permits)
  • Message on Cake
  • Cake Box
  • Candles

These figures are approximate and we will try to fulfil all your requests in the price range quoted ; however there maybe times when an exclusive product is required and in that case we will inform you.

Price quoted is for 1 kg size cake.


Delivery free on purchases above Rs 2500/-