Christmas Fruit Cake |Traditional Plum Cake|

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Experience the luxury of our Christmas Fruit Cake, also known as Plum Cake. Get your orders in now for delivery between December-March. This Super Tasty Christmas Plum Cake is made through a traditional process, where candied fruits are procured mid-year and soaked in Rum and Brandy from August to September. This ensures maximum absorption of moisture and flavor. Our Plum Cake contains 14 perfectly candied fruits. We begin baking the cakes in November, but the ritual doesn't end there. We baste the cakes in Rum and Brandy at least three times before sending them to you. Trust us, it's worth the wait. At Marshmadoh, we take pride in the quality of our Plum Cakes, using an authentic recipe and its free from added preservatives and additives. Don't miss out on this Christmas tradition and order your Plum Cake now. Our staff will personally reach out to you after you book your cake. Additional delivery charges may apply.