Most Popular Birthday Cakes

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Most Popular Birthday Cakes

Most Popular Birthday Cakes 2020 Edit

A birthday cake is the Show Stopper of the Birthday Party,Dont you agree ?

That is why it is important that you choose not only the tastiest cake but also the most beautiful cake.

A Birthday Cake is "Age No Bar" wether you are 12 years old or 72 years old.All of us need CAKE.

Here are some of the most ordered birthday cakes at Marshmadoh.I have chosen the most popular themes:

1.Unicorn Cake: 

The most trending cake !

A trend which is going to stay. I love making the cute little horn and the ears of the unicorn every time I am working on an order.The most interesting thing to note is that you can actually customise the colours ,add rainbows ,some cloud toppers and it looks stunning in each and every combination.


2.Photo Cake

I love this cake design because you can turn any cake flavour into a beautiful poetry of feelings.Wether it is a picture collage or memorable photo or even your favourite super hero character.All you need is a picture and that picture can be printed and added to your cake.  Guess what, its 100% edible.Photo Cakes are an expression which makes them highly Unique, Highly Loved.

3.Super Hero Cake:

Surprise your kid with a Super Hero Cake.

I love making these cakes because they bring out so much joy to the recipient. Wether it's a Marvel super hero cake , Wolverine, Hulk or Superman ; It is always a delight. Though it requires a lot of detail fondant work but the end result is always LOTS of HUGS. Sometimes I am even the favourite person at the party Hehe !

4.Frozen Theme Cake /Doll Cake:

When I saw the Movie , I immediatly downloaded the playlist. I absolutely love the movie and all the songs. So you can imagine ,how much I would love creating Elsa in Cake form.

I love love Frozen theme parties and the cakes.

frozen cake

5.PUBG Cake

I had no idea what was PUBG till I made one and then I made 5 more in a span of 15 days.

Do I say more ! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


We pride ourselves using the finest ingredients and create recipes from scratch.At Marshmadoh we absolutely love creating personalised designer cakes.

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